Phoenix, AZ

Why Do We Love This Destination?

  •  Phoenix's office towers and the abundance of resorts, spas and restaurants are museums dedicated to pre-Colombian, Native American and pioneer history. 

  •  Although most visitors go to Phoenix for the sun, golf courses or spas, the city does have a smattering of other attractions. Plan to spend a day downtown at two of the Southwest's top museums and sites dedicated to Native American culture. 

Lucky Finds:

  • Stretch your legs on the trails of Camelback Mountain or Piestewa Peak. Or for those who prefer pampering, a visit to one of the valley's luxurious spas is in order. 

  •  If you've got children in tow, be sure to stop at the Arizona Science Center or the Children's Museum of Phoenix. Both children and adults will find the hundreds of exhibits at each site appealing. 

3 Excursions we Love

  •   Goldfield Ghost Town and Mine Tours! The setting is magnificent, and attractions include mine tours, gold panning, Dine in the saloon and much more!

  • The Phoenix Zoo holds about 1,200 animals, including 200 endangered or threatened species, tropical rain forest exhibit, train rides and a fabulous children's petting zoo, too. 

  • Papago Golf Course! Those in the know consider this the best public golf course in the city. Enjoy the beauty of Phoenix while sipping a cold drink & playing a round of golf with friends or family!

Baltimore, Maryland

Why Do We Love This Destination?

  • Begin your visit to the city down by the water at the Inner Harbor. The thriving waterfront is just south of downtown.

  • Baltimore and is home to three important attractions: The National Aquarium (among the best in the world), the Maryland Science Center and the historic ships that comprise the Baltimore Maritime Museum!

Lucky Finds:

  • Walk north on Greene Street to Edgar Allan Poe's grave site & another two blocks north would take you up to the Lexington Market. 

  • Find some Baltimore souvenirs and have lunch at one of the unique food-stalls!

3 Excursions we Love


  • Although the city does have its share of organized tours, you may prefer to design a walking tour of your own. Good choices are downtown in Fells Point, through Mount Vernon or around the Inner Harbor. A popular route enjoyed by locals as well as visitors takes you from Harbor-place to Federal Hill. 

  •  Baltimore's after-dark hot spots cover an area from Canton to Federal Hill. In general, Baltimore is a laid-back town that likes to linger over a beer and listen to music in a cozy setting rather than go clubbing until all hours of the morning. Federal Hill draws the college crowd, and Canton and downtown attract young professionals. 

  • Captain Don's Fishing Charters | Baltimore's only deep-sea fishing company. Boats leave from Fells Point for three-, six- and eight-hour fishing trips on the Chesapeake Bay.

Nashville, Tennessee

Why Do We Love This Destination?


· Nashville is definitely all about country music and what goes with it! cowboy hats and elaborate, custom boots, songs about heartbreak and crying over beer.

· Home of The Ryman Auditorium, and of the Grand Ole Opry, this destination is bumping with country music celebrities and entertainment for travelers to enjoy.

· Great experiences for the kids include the Adventure Tower at Adventure Science Center; the Critter Encounters exhibit at the Nashville Zoo

Lucky Finds:


· Enjoy the sights of vintage automobiles at the Lane Motor Museum!

· Take a walk-through Cheek-wood Botanic Garden's gallery and sculpture park, enjoy the sights and sunshine while you take in the breathtaking garden and beautiful art!


3 Excursions we Love


· Spend your day checking out the Johnny Cash Museum and touring the Ryman Auditorium. After dinner, catch some live music, either at the Ryman or at one of the small music clubs along Broadway or in the Gulch.

· Take a drive out to Belle Mead Plantation, a 5,400-acre thoroughbred horse farm complete with a Greek Revival Mansion, deer park, train station and rock quarry!

· If you are a whiskey fan, to the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg. Over a hour walk through the beautiful distillery and learn all about Mr. Jack’s whiskey while sipping the smooth whiskey. Open for tours daily, and only 14 dollars per-entry. 

orlando, Florida

Why We Love This Destination



· The entertainment - There's plenty of great entertainment in town. The festivals are great too! Check out Fringe, Florida Film, Winter Park Art, etc.

· Walt Disney World can be a dream vacation destination for families, couples and friends alike. Whatever you’re envisioning, think bigger. With four theme parks, two water parks, multiple golf courses, a sports complex as well as 25 hotels and more. The perfect place for all ages.

Must Eats:


· To say that the food in this city is slop these days means you don't get around much. So many great places have emerged that it is impossible to get to them all. Among the places that everyone should try are Carmela's and Red Bamboo, Yellow Dog, and Press 101.

3 Excursions We Love


· Kennedy Space Center! Spend a day marveling at the magnificence of space travel. Your approximate 11-hour tour begins with early morning pickup from select Orlando locations. Grab a seat on the coach and relax for the 45-minute ride to the space center.

· Manatee Kayak Tour at Blue Springs State Park! Watch manatees in their natural habitat on a 4-hour kayak tour in Blue Springs State Park, the winter home to one of Florida’s largest manatee populations. From a safe distance, observe the gentle creatures from your kayak as your guide shares informative commentary about the region's animal and plant life. This tour proceeds at a leisurely pace and is suitable for all levels of experience.

Napa Valley, California


One of California's two major wine regions (the other being the Sonoma Valley in neighboring Sonoma County), the Napa Valley is among the most colorful getaways in California, combining fine wines, extraordinary natural beauty, rich history, and fabulous lodgings and dining. With a bit of planning, however, we think a visit to the wine country can be as enjoyable as ever for couples!

 You'll easily be able to see three or four wineries a day. Given the region's burgeoning popularity, most charge a small tasting fee. After you've toured and tasted at a few, you'll notice that there's not necessarily a correlation between the commercial success of a winery (or the elaborateness of its tours) and the quality of the wines produced. Although there are nearly 400 wineries in the region, most of them are still family owned and operated.


California contains more forestland than any other state except Alaska, and some of that forest can be explored in Napa Valley. Hike through state parks or bicycle along the Silverado Trail, stretching between Napa and Calistoga on the valley's east side.

For a more relaxed treat, visit Calistoga. Sign up for the works—mud bath, whirlpool, steam room, herbal wrap and massage—at any of the numerous spas.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Napa Valley, boast some of the best romance found in the states. From wine to spas to nature hikes, you'll be sure to find something you and your significant other will love to do together. 

Galapagos Islands

Penguins and dolphins, sea lions and iguanas, tropical birds and giant tortoises—this collection of species comes together in a single destination on the equator. The Galapagos Islands. It's no surprise that these islands, off the coast of Ecuador, are so special. Their remoteness from other landmasses and the absence of humans until the past century allowed their animal inhabitants to live with little fear of predators. As a result, the islands are filled with stunningly beautiful creatures that you can view, even without binoculars! 

The islands are best known as the home of giant tortoise. They can weigh up to 500 lbs. and live over 100 years! Wow! Visitors will also see marine iguanas (the only seagoing lizards in the world); scarlet-breasted frigate birds; blue-footed, red-footed, masked and Nazca boobies; cute little penguins at home in the tropics; mammoth sea lions; and giant, graceful albatrosses. Some of the animals here are found no where else on earth!

The Galapagos Islands are regarded as one of the world's best scuba-diving sites, and the range and number of large marine mammals and fish is stunning. The islands are not as famous for colorful reef fish as they are for schools of larger underwater creatures, such as rays, sharks, jacks, and tuna. Santa Cruz Island offers the best options and the most rewarding dive sites nearby. Snorkel and Scuba enthusiast MUST visit these islands!

Party animals will be happiest on Puerto Ayora, which boasts the nightlife scene. Much of the revelry happens along Avenida de Charles Darwin, where bars compete with loud music and two-for-one happy hour specials.

The best shops are in the town of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island where you can buy souvenirs and artisan jewelry (sorry gentleman) ladies, you’ll love it!


The Island’s trademark cuisine is seafood, but you’ll be presently surprised to find ice cream shops and pizza on the island as well. 

The Galapagos Islands are ideal for those seeking nature, beauty, and adventure all in one. 

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