Individual Travel

You may have started planning your vacation. You may have looked through dozens of brochures and spent long evenings searching through websites. And you may be no further ahead than you were when you started.

It’s time to meet with a travel counselor at JET Travel and Tours. We will meet with you, determine your goals for your vacation, and help you narrow your options. Then we’ll help you price your vacation, with the focus on providing you with the best value. This is what we do – all day, every day.

Once you have decided on a vacation, our counselors go to work on airline reservations, hotel reservations, train reservations, group tours – whatever you need to make your vacation successful. We will take care of all of the details. 

When you book with JET Travel and Tours, you get:

  • In-person, readily available customer service.
  • Experienced travelers who have been all over the world.
  • Travel consultants who continue to learn about travel, resorts and destinations to best serve your needs!

Why not take advantage of our expertise? Call JET Travel and Tours today