Just Back From: Phoenix, Arizona

Raise your hand if you’ve been to Phoenix before, ok now lower your hand. I appreciate the participants who raised their hand, hopefully you did it in the comfort or your own home, so you don’t look silly raisin your hand while reading your phone. But seriously, who doesn’t love Phoenix?! It’s a fabulous place to travel to when it is bitter cold in Northern Wisconsin. Phoenix offers 80-degree weather almost every day in the winter, that’s the way I like it! So, you’ve been to Phoenix for the 5th year in a row…little repetitive, uh? It’s time for a change up…or chip shot. Yes, I’m asking you to deviate and try something different, but it’s a must! 

 I returned from Phoenix yesterday, slightly sun-kissed and dreading this weather, but with a sense of satisfaction. While in Phoenix, I attended the Waste Management PGA Golf Tournament. What a blast! They set a record for attendance over the week, over 700,00 people attended the tournament and I was one of them! If you’re looking to find new adventure in Phoenix I HIGHLY recommend you attend the tournament. Golfer or not, you will be sure to have a blast. You won’t just sit there and watch golf, they have a ton of stuff to do including: charity events, trade shows, concerts, games, and the list goes on and on! I met some fabulous people, high fived some famous golfers, AND got to watch Aaron Rodgers golf! I was like two feet away from him! He is as good at golf as he is football. The tournament is about a week long and full of excitement and extracurricular activities. Young or old, this is a MUST-DO for those of you who frequent Phoenix.   


Aside from the golf, I went out and did some hiking, shopping, and attended a hockey game. The hiking was superb, with a back drop of the mountains and fabulous sunrise, it was a great way to start the morning. Obviously, shopping was in the itinerary and it was bountiful! There are SO many stores in the Phoenix area. I think I shopped in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale all in one day. Sorry wallet! Finally, I attended an Arizona Coyote hockey game. I was lucky enough to sit right on the glass behind the opposing team and boy was it interesting! The game is so much better up close and personal. The game was great along with all my new Arizona Coyote friends! 

Let me finish with this, you’ve been to Phoenix, participated as a tourist, and now it’s time for something new! If you haven’t, I’d highly recommend the golf tournament, hiking, and possibly another exciting adventure that can be found though us at JET Travel & Tours!


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