Travel Insurance


CYA - Cover Your Adventure

You have the most glorious trip planned and hope everything goes smoothly. But, what if...? No one is able to predict the future, so why take a chance with all the hard work and money you put into planning your upcoming trip?

Travel insurance is something to look into when you make your initial trip payment. Depending on the type of insurance you choose, the style of trip you're planning, and a few personal details, trip insurance can cover everything from lost luggage to an emergency evacuation off of a snowy mountain top. 


Top 7 Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance

1. Life is unpredictable

2. Your health insurance may not work in other countries

3. Many excursion tour operators require it

4. The economy can take a turn for the worst

5. Family emergencies can happen at any time

6. It often covers more than just trip cancellation

7. Better to be safe than sorry .


How to find the Perfect Insurance

The insurance plan you purchase will depend on the type of trip you are planning; leisure, business, adventure, a cruise, or just a car rental. To determine which type of insurance you should look into, below are some helpful links to 2 major companies. Allianz and Travel Guard provide coverage for just about everything under the sun. However, if you are the more adventurous type (think outdoor activities) then World Nomads is recommended.