all aboard ocean cruising!


What to Expect

 Cruises are available all around the world and can last anywhere from 2 days to a full year! They're perfect for travelers who want to see the world while taking comfort and entertainment with them wherever they go! 

A large cruise ship is a lot like a floating resort, with meals, rooms, and entertainment bundled together in the price.  Cruise lines typically offer packages such as Onboard Wifi, Shore Excursions, and Drinks Packages for an additional cost. This is their way of keeping the prices low and allowing you to customize what you  pay for. 

There are a variety of room options on any cruise, ranging from cozy crannies to luxury suites. Interior rooms are the least expensive and are perfect for cruisers who enjoy the sociability of spending all day every day out and about on the ship, only returning to change and sleep. Upgrades can include views of the ship interior, ocean views, and balconies. Staterooms are available on most ships and are ideal for families rooming together and anyone who wants a penthouse over the ocean!

Nearly all cruises have a buffet, offering a variety of food throughout the day for casual dining. For dinner guests are served by a waiter, usually sharing tables as part of a group. Specialty dining such as Italian or Asian Fusion is also available at restaurants outside the dining hall at additional costs. Dress codes vary by cruise lines, ranging from casual dress to black tie formal. It's important to consider the  dress-code you prefer when deciding which cruise is right for you.

Cruises have Ports of Call,  which are places visited along the way. During these stops you have the opportunity to leave the ship and explore the area. The cruise arranges excursions such as tours, classes, and adventure activities which can be booked ahead of time or aboard the ship. 

The ship does most of its travel at night, but sometimes the distance between places requires a Day at Sea. During these days when the ship makes no stops, there are activities aboard the ship, such as meeting with the ship captain or cook, games in the pool area, activities for kids, services at the spa, or enjoying the incredible ocean views from your private balcony. 

Cruising offers a unique opportunity for non-passport-holders to see the world; so long as a cruise begins and ends in the US travelers do not need a passport to visit the foreign ports! This being said, it’s still a good idea to have your passport whenever leaving the US in the event that you get delayed or your travel plans change mid-trip.  

Cruising presents the opportunity to see the world with all the comforts of resort-living. Perfect for families, couples, groups, first-time travelers and well-seasoned explorers alike! Just pick a destination, pack your bags, and soak in that boundless blue!

why we love them


They're a floating resort!

Imagine all the amenities of a resort, but waking up to a new horizon each night. Talk about a thrill!


You can't get lost!

Great for families with kids or groups with diverse interests, cruise ships create easy meeting places with just enough room for everyone to do their own thing. This relieves all the pressure of arranging activities during the day for everyone traveling - just sit back and let them find their own entertainment!


There's something for everyone

The range of entertainment aboard cruise ships is enormous, and everyone will be able to find something that interests them. If you spend a day doing nothing it'll be because you want to!

Tips for cruising in style


Cruise Like a Pro

DO take advantage of local tours, restaurants, and cultural centers. Ask your agent for suggestions of the best things to do at each port so you can be sure not to miss a thing!

DO book your excursions through the cruise line. There will be many excursions offered by independent vendors, and these can be great, but when you book an excursion through your ship they guarantee getting you back before the ship's departure so you don't have to sweat about scheduling.

DON'T forget to pack layers. Even when cruising to the tropics, it can get chilly at sea. Pack a cozy sweater so you can enjoy evenings under the stars with an ocean breeze. If you are taking a cold-weather cruise (such as to gorgeous Alaska) don't forget your swimsuit - even if it's too chilly for the pool, the whirlpool will be open for a soak. 

DO pack a battery operated alarm clock if you rely on one to wake up. Rooms do not always provide one, and outlets are not always located where it's convenient for your phone cord. 

DON'T be afraid of getting lost. A big ship can seem overwhelming at first, but the best way to learn your way around is just to explore! (If you're traveling in a group make it a scavenger hunt!)

DON'T cut your trip short. If your schedule allows, plan to arrive a day early or stay a few days later to explore the port cities. These areas have a lot to offer visitors!